The New Age of Marketing - The Rising World of Ecosystems

Christian Sarkar

Thought Leader & Co-Author of ‘Brand Activism’ With Philip Kotler.

During these difficult times, should brands only work for profit? Or should they also be picking a bit of broader societal responsibility? Christian Sarkar, a management thinker and co-author of two books with Philip Kotler including one on ‘Brand Activism’, thinks brands need to think beyond profit.

In this session, we’ll unveil:

  • Christian Sarkar’s views on why brands need to adopt social responsibility, which is even more essential during COVID times.
  • How the world needs to look at Mittelstand and push for more equitable economic development.
  • How COVID is creating opportunities for a new economic order.
  • Christian Sarkar’s collaboration with Philip Kotler on the Wicked 7 project to tackle some of the world’s pressing problems.

OCTOBER 31, 2020 at 6.00 PM

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